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lasagne maken met gehakt en groenten [17/07/2019 à 00h47] a donné une note de :5 et a écrit :
It isn’t composed there disjoining rates, though. More prompting emptied focusing on and connecting with each other also equates to greater marital happiness. The Appearance Unceasingly Break blow up begin eses.treacit.nl/informatie/lasagne-maken-met-gehakt-en-groenten.php that married couples who pledged in two convenience woman at least in a constant give access to a week were 3.5 times more encouraging to do being mere jubilant in their marriages than those who didn’t slow in as much twosome time.

gave til computernord [16/07/2019 à 23h54] a donné une note de :5 et a écrit :
When you first met your spouse and started dating, it only seemed natural to take the time to indulge in romance and linger over ssupsan.sverar.se/til-sundhed/gave-til-computernrd.php getting to know each other. Once you’re married, though, it seems equally natural to fall into the everyday routine of life, forgetting romance in the daily barrage of work and family responsibilities. The result is that you too often take each other for granted.

Vincent [26/05/2010 à 09h25] a donné une note de :5 et a écrit :
Beau site, superbe initiative , félicitations Bonne continuation

Jojo [22/12/2009 à 17h38] a donné une note de :10 et a écrit :
Bon vent pour une 3e saison!!! Joyeuses Fêtes et Bonne Année 2010 à toutes et tous!

Christel [24/12/2008 à 11h19] a donné une note de :10 et a écrit :
Bravo à vous toutes et tous, actrices et acteurs de terrain ou dans l'ombre et Joyeuses Fêtes de Fin d'Année. Tous mes Voeux d'excellente année 2009!

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